CEO Message

  LeO SPACE Inc. was established in October 2021, in the same month of the year when the successful test of the NURI launch vehicle produced with Korea's own technology was carried out. The year 21 is also the first year of the Korean space industry, preparing for the NEW SPACE era and actively commercializing space technology.

  Our team develop the high-resolution optical cameras for earth observation for future Satellites Constellation based on practical R&D experience gained in the Astronomy, Defense and Aerospace Industry, and also research the free space laser optical communication modules required for high-speed/large-capacity optical communication. We plan to secure and expand to global markets by continuous developing and producing.

  We will continue to grow and innovate as a R&D-oriented company founded with rich experience and strong passion.

Albert H.K. Lee     

CEO & Founder     


  Market Creating with Leading edge Optical Solutions for satellite mission

   Leading with Plug & Play Optics for CubeSat & SmallSat on Low-earth Orbit Satellite

   Serving Company for the Human Civilization 

Competitiveness for New SPACE

  Sufficient Experience for Optics, Astronomy & Space devices

  Man-power & Design Capability for the edge Requirement from Space Industry

  Solid Supply Chain Partnership & Co-working Groups  

Team Heritage from Astronomy & Aero-Space

  Corrective lens for high resolutions camera of Moon Exploration Projects(KARI, Korea) : Barrel Design, Lens Mfg, Coating, Assemble and Testing

    500mm and 1600mm large telescope systems for unknown-object tracking (DAPA, Korea)

    500mm Telescope design & Mfg, Installation and testing

    1,600mm Primary, Secondary, tertiary mirror Mfg. and Testing

   Three off-axis mirror systems for LSB galaxy observation(KASI, Korea)

   Super-Eye Bridge Project(KASI, Korea); Opto-mechanic design and SiC mirror mfg.

   Visible and MWIR camera module design for air-craft(ADD, Korea)

   Off-axis aluminum mirror for laser communication terminal(SODERN, France)

   Off-axis Aspheric mirror for Indian Satellite Project(PARAS Defence & Space Technology, ISRO India)   

R&D and Commercial Products

Our team has good enough experience and heritage for optical payload of the space mission program in Korea. It will be reliable partnership with your team for the challenging space missions

    Design Service for Optical Device, Payload for the Astronomy & Space Mission

    High Resolution Camera for Observing Earth on low-earth orbit

    Free Space Optical Communication Terminal for Satellite Constellation Systems

Manufacturing Capability in House

Our manufacturing facility has been located at Hanbat National University in Daejeon, Korea. By signing an MOU with Hanbat National University, we have laid the groundwork to fully utilize our high-precision production facilities, and our manpower is directly put in to work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

• 24Hrs X 7Days Operation

• Ultra Precision Machining, Polishing, Testing

• Surface Error ~10nm RMS / Ra <1nm

• Up to 1m, Large Optics (Mirror and Lens)

• RSA, Aluminum, Zerodur, SiC, Cordierite, general optics materials for Space Optics

• Excellent Supply Chain Management(SCM)

Key Partners & Customer

Major research institutes, universities, and space industry companies in Korea are major customers of LeO Space, and they are working with partners around the world through technology and trust.

We aim to maintain customer satisfaction and trust based on strong team power.

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